Sémira Adamu

1998 as she was deported by force, Semira Adamu, a 20-year-old young Nigerian woman seeking asylum in Belgium, chocked to death by gendarme as she was filmed. On the basis of the smurf movie, the proceedings resulted to sentences that are summarized  to 500 euro per gendarme. At the present time in Namur (B) and for the same charges of grievous bodily harm resulting unintentionally in death, a sentence of 15 years prison has been required for an Albanian national.

Brussels-National airport 1998 - Before the aeroplanes' take-off towards Togo, the gendarmes employed the so-called 'cushion technique', a restraint method, then authorized by the Ministry of Interior, allowing them to press a cushion against the mouth, but not the nose, of a recalcitrant deportee to prevent biting and shouting. During the operation, before video a camera of the gendarmerie according to the rule, Semira Adamu chocked to death as she was filmed.

Belgium under a choc, the Minister of Interior Department, presented his resignation. The office of the magistrates' trade-union declared whereas the death of Semira Adamou was not an accident, a skid nor a simple regrettable bur, but the expression, the extreme logical one of a legal, lawful, administrative system whose inhumanity exceeded acceptable limits.

Justice started an instruction for involuntary aggravated assault having involved death without intention to give it and non-assistance to a person in danger, but the security of employment within the Federal Police happened to be much more stable than the one of the minister in charge:

In December 2003, four of the gendarmes, of which one who had incurred disciplinary actions for previous wrong, were sentenced between 12 and 14 month of prison with deferments and a 500 euro fine each. The cameraman was discharged of non-assistance to a person in danger.

Today, with the reform of the Belgian police, the ex-gendarmes became police officers, having lost only 500 euro. The Ministry of Interior confirms that the facts were prescribed on the disciplinary level. The federal police declared that the legal procedure was observed and followed.

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